Carousel Toy Drive 2020

The success of the Toy Drive of the Rotary Clubs of Boca Raton was created to awaken strength of spirit through the collaboration of its members, volunteers and partners for the needy children in our community.

This year everything has turned upside down, including the way we traditionally drive our Toy Drive. As such, our Toy-Drive celebration last Sunday, December 6th. it had to be reformatted creatively. Instead of the normal pictures with Santa Claus, we implemented a “socially distant” drive-thru that, to our delight, did not diminish the smiles and joy of the children who passed by their parents’ cars.

Not only were the children filled with the magic of Christmas at this event, but so were all of us. As properly expressed by our club president

Vania Amorin “I was transported from my daily work routine to a fantasy world, making me feel like a child again in this magical moment – becoming a real sleigh driver for Santa Claus”.

It seemed that God and the universe conspired to help us with this wonderful effort to warm our hearts, as on Sunday, December 6, all the planets aligned bringing us a good time, gentle breezes caressing our hearts, the bright sun enveloping us to everyone in one and magical moment.

The bridge of the harsh reality of the times we live for the magic of Christmas is our dear and well-known Father Christmas (Francisco), a humble, charismatic and warm-hearted man, who captivates us in such a way that when he wears his Santa’s costume Noel makes anyone who shares this magical moment believe in kindness, good will, tenderness of heart and in the care that Santa Claus represents for all of us.

But this month’s hard work by Club members, volunteers, partners, did not culminate on Sunday for our work. It continues until December 20.

We will achieve our spirit of caring, generosity and kindness towards others, contributing in the following ways:


By Ligia Assunção Llanos