The 13th Annual Boca Raton Toy Drive, which will be held on December 8th at Sugar Sand Park.

As an annual family event, they Toy Drive never fails to bring the community together for a common good. Families come out to enjoy free carousel rides, food, and Santa; all while bringing toys and donations for this Rotary Event. All six Rotary Clubs have partnered together over the years to host a successful Toy Drive.

The Toy Drive started in 2006, with the idea of Douglas Heizer and David Wilson. The Rotary Clubs of Boca Raton helped build the Carousel at Sugar Sand Park. As a Thank-You, the park gave the Rotary Clubs one day to use the carousel however they wanted. As Rotarians tend to do, they found a need in the community and went to solve it.

“It was a need I saw in our community that was being neglected and I knew we had to make a difference somehow. I never expected this Toy Drive to get so big but I am excited and happy to see the community joining together for such an important cause,” says co-founder Douglas Heizer.

This Toy Drive collects toys for Wayne Barton Study Center. In the past twelve years, over $75,000 in toys and donations were collected from our community, for our community.

There are multiple different drop-off locations around Boca Raton. The spots are utilized to help increase the number of donations, as well as to promote the event. The Toy Drive also hopes to get donations from Company Holiday Parties.

Throughout the month of November, the Rotary Club along with the open drop off locations will be accepting toys and donations for the Boca RatonToy Drive. All leading up to the Toy Drive event on December 2nd from 10 am to 4 pm at Sugar Sand Park where kids can go on free rides on the Carousel and see Santa. The event will also have free barbeque lunch and drinks with a donation or toy.

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